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Hosted by @kev4point & @alfredtsg . Science based podcast about Taekwondo. From Olympians to Strength & Conditioning and Nutrition coaches as guests.


KEVIN MEJIA - @kev4point

Why I'm Here! You can say I've been in the "game" of Taekwondo for some time. I started back in 95's, fast forward to 2018 I still have that passion towards Taekwondo along with a few other interests I have pursued as well. I have a personal training company, I founded my Taekwondo school in 2015 and began my own equipment company as well. I hope the podcast brings to its audience of athletes, coaches and students useful information to add and enhance their training

ALFRED JONG - @alfredtsg

Why I'm Here! I have always been competitive, from as early as I can remember! I have always been driven to do better and be better. As an athlete and coach I am always learning the latest techniques, reading the latest research doing what I can to be better. Back in my days as a Taekwondo athlete I wish I had available resources to know more about topics such as nutrition, dieting, and strength & conditioning. This is why we have this podcast! To bridge this gap.


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